5 Ways to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

5.) Inspiration Files

This can done with a moleskine sketch book, an accordion file or even with a file on your computer. Every time you happen to find something that inspires you or interests you in some way,  throw it in your inspiration file. While you’re getting ready to brainstorm new ideas, pull out this self-made artistic inspiration file and go crazy using everything you’ve got in there. You can even reorganize it based on different subject matter, such as color themes, or themes based on content or style. Look for any ways of how these images might fall together. Pick one picture and made up a tale about it. What could happen next is that you paint or draw the next part of the story.

4.) Draw The Dictionary

A dictionary isn’t only just a medium that is meant for an author. It’s a great tool to brainstorm with for anyone looking for an idea. Ultimately, it has every word in the English language, so you won’t ever find a wider range of inspiration anywhere else. Flip to any random page and pick any random word. Repeat that, and repeat it again. After a while, you’ll start creating a list of random words. Do any of these words naturally fit together? Do they draw or create an image in your mind? If they do, the dictionary worked.

3.) Forced Association

In a weird way, forced association is connected to a strategy for which you might use your inspiration file. To begin you’ll require a couple of different types of content. This could include images, words or a mixture of the two. To build these categories, you can base each on your subject matter at hand, your medium, the emotion you want to convey or anything else. Now, take one image or word from each of your categories and make a connection occur between them. How are these two related or similar? If you blend them, what do they create? The strength of this relationship isn’t important. It’s just important that you find some kind of connection.

2.) Stream Of Consciousness Writing

  If you can another writing exercise then this absolutely the strategy for you. Once again, this method is a test of time in finding a peculiar and original idea. Begin with one simple question. That question is what it is that you want to create. A still life. A sculpture of a man playing the saxophones. Anything. Give yourself a time limit that’s maybe at least 5 minutes in length. Now, write about it. Answer that question.

1.) Meditation

As the old phrase says,  “A watched pot never boils,” so don’t wait around for inspiration to come around! Your noggin is a wonderful multi-tasking beast of a machine, so go do something else for now. You’ll probably pick up something typical like mowing the lawn or washing the dishes. Once your mind starts to ponder, you’ll be shocked at how fast these chores will start creating ideas. The key is to write them down as soon as they pop up, so you won’t forget them.

If you want some more ideas on how to be creative, watch the clip below!